How I see the future: technological advances

  • Brain machine interfaces
  • Brain computer interfaces
  • Wide-spread VTOL vehicles
  • Flying personal transport vehicles
  • Larger space stations, maybe more than one
  • Wide-spread satellite internet
  • Wide-spread electric cars
  • Nuclear fusion
  • Autonomous drone fleets
  • Affordable exo-skeletons for industrial and private use
  • Low level court decisions handled by AI
  • Wide-spread self-driving taxis
  • Mars colony, maybe other colonies offworld
  • Smart clothes
  • Wide-spread gene editing
  • Spherical magnetic suspension wheels in cars
  • Wide-spread VR gaming
  • Haptic accessories, VR 2.0 with more than vision and sound
  • Wide-spread edge computing, see NVIDIA EGX
  • Quantum computers wide-spread in heterogeneous computing platforms
  • Lab-grown meat

How I see the future: geopolitics

  • A more unified E.U., maybe with a unified European army

How I see the future: socieconomic and political advances

  • Small-scale UBI (Universal Basic Income) programs
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